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Day: June 3, 2021

Service Isn’t Satisfaction!

Think about the last time you enjoyed a romantic dinner out with someone special. If you can recall the waiter’s face, you probably received too much service. When we are in the thrall of a loved one’s company, we don’t need or want a server to be a lively personality. When we want to dine […]

To Enter or Not to Enter

Entering writing competitions is worth not just for the thrill of winning but also for the discipline and writing practice one develops along the way. If we analyze the whole process we will see that there are quite a few benefits worth considering. Winning a sum of money is great, but is it only money […]

What Role Do We Play in Our Own Job Search?

I am motivated to write this however will begin in saying that I pray my words do not lead anyone to believe I am not sensitive to what is going on in the country and the economic situation of people all over the world. However I write on the comments and expectations I see sewn […]

What if there’s no Power – How do I Control my Pneumatic Circuit?

With the advent of the small PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), the Logo or the Pico to name just a couple, controlling pneumatic circuits can be achieved with high reliability, low complexity, and at a relatively low cost with one of the currently available, easy to program controllers. That’s all well and good for the vast […]

How to Retain Your Job During a Layoff

There are various steps you can take to improve the chances of being retained in your present job position during job layoffs. The following strategies helped others successfully stave off the threat of an impending job layoff. These may work for you, but then again, they may not. It, however, pays to try. Perhaps your […]