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Day: June 29, 2021

Passagae thru the Andes, of Peru and Copan, Honduras

[April and May, 2005] It was a wondrous trip as always, to Peru, and beyond. We caught our plane as usual in St. Paul, Minnesota, and landed in Lima, Peru…no change in time, thus, no jet leg, always a relief. There we [we, being: my wife Rosa and I] mulled about a few days and […]

Advantages of 360-Degree Vision Devices

Humans do not have 360-degree vision. Think about why we have evolved this way and what it means to the vision and what we will have to do to improve upon Mother Nature’s excellent design. We have drawings of such 360-Degree Vision Device, which provides surround-a-vision in a head mounted night vision goggle unit. If […]

Now What? 10 Tips When You’re Anticipating a Lay Off

As Global recession and layoffs are saturating the headlines, many people are feeling really anxious and facing anxious moments due to the recent and anticipated layoffs. If you are expecting to be laid off, the following 10 tips will help you manage your stress, organize your life and prepare you to face the future with […]