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Author: Mary R. Dufresne

Tips on What to Do During a Financial Crisis

Saying “money is the root of all evil” is not always accurate; but saying scarcity of money is a major reason for stress is always true. Nowadays, when there are a lot of things to do and that you can do left and right, it becomes hard to live a […]

Why El Paso is Known as the “Sun City”

Located in the state of Texas, El Paso has always been known as Sun City but few often wonder why this is. Well, if you’re a local to the area you certainly know the answer. But for those who may have never visited the city, if you ever get the […]

What Traits Do Digital Marketing Leaders Look For in Employees?

The future of digital marketing is here. With the advent of AI, we can now manage our operations with ease and efficiency. Digital marketers are looking for people who can think beyond the numbers, understand the customer’s needs, and have a strong analytical mind. They need people who are able […]

How to keep your car clean all the time?

We are using our car every day but rarely do we pay attention to the cleanliness of the car. The car needs to be cleaned from inside and outside both to stay fresh and clean. The outer surface of the car needs cleaning more than the inside, but many cars […]

Why Pear Trees are a Good Investment?

Pears have a distinct and flavorful taste. It is just enough to give off a delicious zest, making it the perfect ingredient to include in many food items. These include canned produce, baby food, spreads, and cocktails. If you want to grow a dependable fruit tree, pears are a fantastic […]