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Top 2 Benefits of Having an Owned Call Center Software Than Rented

Call center solution has appeared as one of the top class solutions these days. Also, it has proved its worth in all different businesses. This is the reason almost all industry verticals and companies have started using this solution. From a traditional call center solution to intelligent call center software, […]

Thinking of an E-commerce Store? Think Magento!

Businesses are moving from the traditional environment and getting over the internet to reach more people. They no longer want to work within the boundaries of a local area. They want to expand and reach out to the world to sell out their products and services. And this want creates […]

The Convergence Of BI With Reporting Tools Is Now A Reality

It is a misconception that business intelligence and reporting tools are the same. The reality is that they are two different entities that are vital for running a business successfully. While business intelligence is the technology that has the potential to unlock the meaning of the data stored in your […]

Scope of eMobility And How It Will Transform The World Around Us

Innovation is the cornerstone of every invention. Bringing in something new to combat existing problems has always been the key to survival no matter what the sector. When it comes to the transport sector, increasing concerns about environmental pollution and subsequent global warming have compelled us to think of alternative […]

Solving Common IoT Challenges

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot subject amongst technology companies today. According to Forbes, we expect to see over 20 million connected devices by 2020. As a result, we will begin to see a lot more IoT services and solutions to current IT problems. Internet Of Things(IOT) But […]

Top Advantages of Choosing an Open Source LMS for Your Organization

While looking for your learning management system , you will come across a multitude of questions and one of the most important questions is “Is open source the best option for my organization?” However, all the considerations hinge on an important factor that is your budget. Different LMS licensing models […]

Things To Look For While Collaborating With Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Organizations often think that selecting the right ERP solution is the hardest part. However, they don’t consider that choosing the right Microsoft partner to install, implement and support your software is equally important as finding the right ERP Solution. Undoubtedly, However, if you want to make the most of your […]

The Impact of Digital Media Platforms on Our Daily Lives

Since the evolution of the Internet, our society has undergone a huge transformation. Every facet of our lives has been influenced by rapid digitalization and the ever-evolving Digital Media Platforms. From Communication to Travel, and from Work to Leisure, the omnipresence of ‘Digital’ has been the story of our success. […]