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Freelance Writing: How to Become Super Successful

Freelance writing is how many writers earn money. Writing books is great too, but the income may not be consistent enough to live on, or it may not be enough. That’s why many writers turn to freelance writing to make sure that they can earn a full-time income from their […]

The Professional Answers to the Amateur’s Question

Every creator has to endure this awful, nonsense question probably a thousand times per lifetime: “wHeRe dO yOu GeT yOuR iDeAs?” Urgh, spare me. This question is the worst. The common answer is “they just come to me”. I hope that was useful… Other folks offer more detail, like their […]

To Enter or Not to Enter

Entering writing competitions is worth not just for the thrill of winning but also for the discipline and writing practice one develops along the way. If we analyze the whole process we will see that there are quite a few benefits worth considering. Winning a sum of money is great, […]