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Every woman experiences a downfall in her hormone levels at a certain age and the best thing that she can do about it if the symptoms are acute and she is the right candidate for it is to go for hormone replacement therapy.The hormone therapy for women Atlanta can help you best in regaining your lost level of hormones and the following FAQS will sure help you know better about it.

  • Is HRT a safe option for women?

In the past there had been a lot of misconceptions about the HRT and whether it is safe for women or not as a lot of risks were associated with it. but today we all know that HRT is a very much safe treatment for women with very few side effects that can be specific to a case. Else it is completely safe and gives reliable results.

  • Are there different types of HRT for women?

Yes, depending from case to case and on the needs of every patient, the doctors would recommend them a certain variation of this treatment that would help them get their hormone levels balanced one more time.

  • How is this treatment given to the patients?

There are several ways in which a woman can be treated with the HRT. Depending upon the needs of the patient as well as the way she wants to intake the hormones, the doctor would prescribe things from pills, oral gels, pellets, and patches.

  • How long does it take for the results to show after HRT?

The benefits of HRT start revealing themselves around after 6-8 weeks of the treatment or even after a few months. So you have to be patient and wait for these benefits to show themselves.

  • Does the HRT make you gain weight as well?

No, there is no such evidence about gaining weight due to the HRT treatment, rather it is completely safe to be used. However, some people might have some kind of negative effects linked to the HRT but there is no proof of weight gain for sure.

  • How long should you take the HRT?

There is no specific time for the use of HRT but your doctor would be able to tell you about it easily because as soon as you will leave it, you might start experiencing the symptoms again.