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In today’s competitive job market you need to get all the key ingredients right.


  • Your resume / CV has got to tick all the boxes the company are looking for
  • Your cover letter has got to be spot on
  • And finally your interview skills have got to be top notch

You’ve spent hours on your resume and cover letter and they have worked that all important phone call comes through.


“Hello we would like to invite you in for an interview could you come in …”


You thought you had done all the hard work , but now you need to prepare for the most important job interview in your life. This is when the hard work really starts. How to succeed in a job interview. You will need to use the PROP Method for that all important Job interview.

The PROP method is:

P – Prepare

R – Research

O- Organise

P – Practice


I am going to concentrate on the practice part of your interview today. Many people start to panic at the thought of a job interview.


Please remember

  • They have invited you in for the job interview
  • They need someone to fill their job vacancy
  • They think you may well be the right person for the job

How good must this make you feel?


You have beaten all those other candidates to get the job interview and with this in mind you need to impress them.

What’s the best way? How to succeed in a job interview


After going through P.R.O.P  the last thing to do on your list is Practise, Practise, Practise.

One of the most effective methods that I have found is an online interview training course.


This consists of

  • Interactive Mock job Interviews to perfect your answering skills.
  • Expert Sample job interview answers to help you answer with 100% confidence. 
  • A series of Video Practice Interviews to show you what to do in your interview.
  • Video, Audio and Animation to make your learning experience fun and stimulating.
  • Competency and Behavioural job interview questions specific to the job and level you are interviewing for.


This interview training course will really help. Not only will it give you confidence when you go to your job interview, it will help you decipher which questions they will ask you.


The Questions will be customized for your particular job expertise. They have targeted job interview questions that have been used before so it will save you time and will get you great results. Good Luck with your job interview and remember they do want to employ you.

P.S You can use online training whenever, wherever you are in the world the company has help job seekers in over 20 counties around the world.