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Handwritten notes and greeting cards are used to  physically demonstrate that we appreciate or value someone who has done something good or who has given us a favor, be it big or small. Those are simple ways to recognize someone’s presence in our life. They are just pieces of paper but they surely make the receiver feel better and loved.

A handwritten note or card has a personalized touch that uplifts the spirit of the receiver especially those who often neglects the offline world. This gap is filled by those handwritten notes and cards that are an invaluable tool to show gratefulness to anyone or any group.

In business, giving your clients or customers a handwritten card or note is one of the most wonderful way to show your goodwill within your relationship with them. It’s letting them  know you care about them and that their support is valued. It is also a way to demonstrate that you have good intentions for continuing the relationship with them.

But in this age of technology, where everything seems to happen so fast, people rarely do write a note or send handwritten cards to show their appreciation toward someone or something. This fast paced world made people very busy that they opted to just send emails or digital messages that are readily made for everyone’s consumption. Showing gratitude nowadays become generic and sending greetings has lost the sense of a personal touch.

Good thing, Handwrytten innovated a way to send handwritten greeting cards online with feelings.

What is Handwrytten, by the way?

It was established in 2014 with the goal to make sending handwritten notes as easy as sending an email. They have this kind of technology that uses patented robotics machine that are is capable of autonomously writing more or less 1,000 notes a day. Those robots have an unmatched handwriting quality and scalability to make handwritten notes or cards. Since then, it became very popular whether for personal or business use. The good feedback that the company has been receiving, inspired them to continue building more and more machines to meet demands.

How can Handwrytten help you with your personalized greeting cards?

With Handwrytten, you can customize greeting cards online using your own handwriting, signature, and custom card designs. If you’re in a hurry and you can’t do everything on your own, you can just choose from a variety of real handwriting styles and predesigned cards. They offer more than 29 distinct handwriting styles, so you always have a lot of choices. This type of service is perfect for every business that is starting with a brand-new mailing list, throwing  a quick campaign, or simply rekindling business relationship with old clients.

This service is not just offered for use during official holidays, but any type of occasion you want to celebrate with your brand’s community. Another feature of this service is that you can sign cards directly from your smartphones. This adds a more unique feature and a more personalized touch.

Handwrytten makes sending greeting cards fast and convenient via their app. Download it now from App Store or Google Play to experience this breakthrough tools to connect with your audience authentically.