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Taxi driver jobs in New York City have existed for about eighty years using the famous yellow cab. If you are interested in taxi employment and making money with one of the taxi driver jobs, there are several issues that should be considered.

There are few icons in the world that are as well recognized as the New York City yellow cab. Few professions exist that are a more reliable source of entry level income than those fortunate individuals who possess one of the New York City yellow cab licenses.

As the United States and the rest of the world settle into the deepest economic downturn in our lifetimes, as the price of real estate goes down, as the stock market creates new lows weekly and jobs and paychecks become scarce, what are we to do?

We conserve, we innovate, we suffer or we surrender and leave. However, there is one light at the end of the tunnel and that is having one of the yellow taxicab driver jobs in New York City.

Not everyone can do it. However, almost everybody can qualify and give taxi employment a try. An individual having one of the full time taxi driver jobs, even in these tough times, is probably earning one thousand dollars per week. Does this mean that all taxi driver jobs provide this much income? The answer is, probably not. What it means is that there is a viable way to earn the national median income or more and there is room for many thousands to work each year in this industry.

Another consideration is to remember that it is not really a job. It is a business and you have to commit. You will need to invest between four hundred and a thousand dollars to receive your license so you can have one of the New York City taxi driver jobs. What results is a situation where you will be your own boss.

Why such a big spread? All yellow cab drivers need to pass the New York City exam and most applicants are NOT experts in the geography of the city. The city consists of five boroughs, scores of bridges and highways, hundreds of relevant landmarks, schools, hotels, theaters, hospitals museums, parks and much more.

To be completely prepared for the taxi driver jobs test is to be prepared to drive a yellow cab in the city. Many people approach this business as if it is easy. However, this is generally not the case. For most, especially those of us who have been away from school for a decade or two or three, and for those of us from local suburbs or other parts of the country and world, extensive geography and navigation preparation is not only wise but unavoidable.

The good news is that no matter how many people apply for taxicab drivers jobs and pass the exam to get the needed license, there is a tremendous turnover of manpower in the industry. This means that there is a never ending demand for newly licensed, entry level yellow taxicab drivers.

Long thought of as immigrant work, as the economy weakens and first generation Americans enter the work force, the immigrant or nationalized demographic declines and the number of American born drivers increases.

So, many who come in desperation to the yellow taxicab industry are surprised to learn that working as an independent yellow cab driver is truly a wonderful thing. Increased freedom or the opportunity to invest in a taxicab or in the coveted taxi medallion can pay off handsomely.

And besides the steady income, there will be the stories you will have to tell. So if having one of the taxi driver jobs in NYC interests you, investigate the requirements needed to obtain this valuable license so you can begin working soon.