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Category: Health and Fitness

CBD: The Essentials and Its Effects

What is CBD? CBD is one of the most common naturally occurring chemical components in cannabis. These are collectively known as cannabinoids. CBD, also known as cannabidiol is gaining popularity because of its ability to ease chronic pain, aches, pains, insomnia, and anxiety, as well as a variety of other […]

“What Do You Do to Unplug and Engage?”

How do you unplug, relax, and unwind? How do you recharge your battery? What makes you happy, makes you smile, and uplifts your spirit? During a beautiful sunny day, around 70 degrees, (two weeks ago), my husband and I took out our boat with our older son, daughter in law, […]

Losing Those Pandemic Pounds

This is really embarrassing. But I’m sure I’m not alone. I somehow got the guts to get on the scales last month and discovered that I had gained 23 pounds during the pandemic. Is this what they mean by middle-aged spread? I felt like a slug. Deep sigh. It was […]

The Features of a Good Training Plan

Are you one of those who wait until the last minute to start training for an upcoming race? If so, you may be at the risk of serious injuries. After all, struggling to win the race will put additional stress on your body. To be on the safe side, you […]

Hepatitis B – A Potential Life-Threatening Disease

Every one of us must have heard of a disease called hepatitis. Some of us even read about it in school. Hepatitis has three types. There is Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Hepatitis A is the infectious type transmitted through contaminated water. The other two types (Hepatitis B […]

The Roles of Invisible Dust, A Curiosity

What is dust? We see them as floating tiny specks reflecting sun light that managed to come through a hole in the roof of a hut or any other place. It is fun to watch how they float and even the gravity is sluggish to act upon it. This is […]