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Why pay money for an original piece of art work, when you

can buy an inexpensive print?

When it comes right down to it, creating a piece of art is a

mystery. No artist, no matter how articulate, can explain why

a particular work of art was created. By buying an art work

you buy a piece of that mystery and have something that no

one else will ever have.

An original piece of art is a passionate creation, which not

only reflects the soul of the artist, but your soul as well,

because you chose it. Owning a piece of art instead of

owning a reproduction, is like having a person who is

important in your life actually in the room with you, rather

than having a photograph of that person on your desk. It

reflects a piece of you that you cherish and want to share

with the rest of the world.

For most people if they like a work of art, it is because it

profoundly affects them. It reminds them of a time in their

lives that was personally moving or important. And the exact

same piece of art work will mean totally different things to

different people, because every person is unique.

An original piece of art work can inspire lives and has the

power to nurture and nourish the spirit.

If you compare a room with bare walls to one with original

art work, the room with the original art work will be vibrant

and alive. People will want to visit that room, very much the

same way they want to visit museums, because the art work

touches their soul in a very personal way. It reminds them of

their humanity, of their significance in the world, something

that is lost is the business of everyday lives.

Original art is inspiring and moving; it helps people get up in

the morning, get through that meeting that they just didn’t

want to go to. It can give people the courage to go on,

because it expresses something wonderful and profound

about themselves, which they may not be able to articulate.

That’s why people say, “I don’t know why I bought this piece

of art, all I know is that I love it!”

© Mary Baker 2005